Sky Inc Attends Atlanta Conference

The Sky Inc team just returned from a fantastic weekend in Atlanta from a leadership conference that we attend quarterly.  The Leadership team of Sky Inc always looks forward to this particular conference because of the highly applicable presentations and strong networking opportunities.  Not to mention, it’s always so much fun to catch up with colleagues and friends who work in other businesses.  One of the favorite presentations this quarter was“Living a Life of Intention”: instead of just talking about your goals, take specific action on a daily basis to train your thought process to reach those goals.

SKY INCOur own president, Jonathan Perry, also spoke at the conference.  He spoke in a breakout session to a group of newer, up-and-coming leaders about the relationship between hard work and results.  JP told us, “I really explained that no matter what a person does, if he/she wants to get good at a task, he/she has to be diligent.”  

Another major highlight was the fundraiser for Operation Smile, a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.  In just one day, the conference attendees raised enough money to pay for surgeries for three children!  What a big win.

After a successful conference, the Sky Inc team is happy to be back and is ready to hit the ground running after this huge dose of motivation!

Meet Sky Inc’s Top Leader, Michael Jorgeson

Sky IncThis month at Sky Inc, Michael Jorgeson has been setting the pace with his excellent team leadership and production for our client.  We stole a few minutes of Michael’s time to ask him a few questions… Enjoy!

Sky Inc Nashville:  How long has it been since you started with us?

Michael:  It’s been 5 months now… and since working here, I can definitely say that I have become a lot better at my time management, both socially and professionally.

Sky Inc Nashville:  Tell us a little bit about your background, Michael!

Michael:  I grew up in Austin, TX.  I have an older sister, Leigh, a half baby sister, Caroline, and half baby brother, Charlie.  I went to the University of Ole Miss and studied Business Management.Sky Inc

Sky Inc Nashville:  What do you do for fun?

Michael:  In my spare time you can either find me at the gym, playing with my dog, hanging out with friends, eating, or playing FIFA.

Sky Inc Nashville:  Is there anything strange about you we should know about?

Michael:  If I don’t eat every 2 hours then I tend to have a tendency to become hangry!… I also bear a strong resemblance to James Franco.

There you have it, folks…. Michael Jorgeson!

Sky Inc Nashville Reviews: Former Employee Ronald Taylor on “What Working Alongside a Fortune 500 Company Taught Me About Customer Relationships”

This is an fantastic article written by a former employee of Sky Inc, Ronald Taylor, who worked with our company from 2010 to 2012.  “Ron T”, as he is known to our Sky Inc family, was able to utilize a strong background in customer interaction gained while while working at Sky Inc to earn an excellent position at the Center for the Public Trust.  In this article he highlights what working alongside our Fortune 500 client taught him about customer relationships.

Enjoy this excellent article:

Without customers, there’s no business. And though that sounds trite, successful businesses never forget it. They aim to build trust and loyalty wherever possible.  Relationship building may come more naturally for some than for others. But here are three key principles I learned from working for a major brand that anyone can apply.

Listen to Your Customers to Understand Their Needs and Interests


Ronald Taylor

When building an effective relationship it is important to know what kind of customer you are dealing with. Most often, you can discern this just by listening and being observant. What topics excite your customer? What do you notice that they are wearing or have on display in their office?

While in sales, I discovered that one of my talents was building a close rapport with our customers in a short period of time. I did this by first listening to customers, seeking to understand their needs and interests. I would then paint a picture of how our services would meet those needs and interests.

It didn’t take long to discover that most people love talking about themselves. So listening became a key skill in building a business relationship.

Always be Genuine

Your credentials, degrees, and prestigious accolades mean nothing if the customer does not believe you have their best interest at heart.There’s a saying that goes, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

One of the best things you can do when building a relationship is to be open and honest about the business nature of your contact on the front end. In most cases, the services I was selling would cause the customer’s bill to go up. But because I was clear and straightforward about the cost of the services, they were receptive to the benefits we were offering and often did not mind paying more.

Customers can tell when they’re being sold a bill of goods. So be genuine.

Honor Your Word

With all relationships, your word is bond. And customer relationships are no exception. When you say you are going to do something, do it.

The fastest way to deteriorate a relationship is to break your word. Conversely, the fastest way to gain trust with a customer is to follow through on your word.

I always guaranteed my level of customer service by inviting customers to give me a call if they had any issues. On one occasion, a customer reached out to me and asked if I could do anything about a service issue that had to do with another department. Even though it was outside of my area of expertise, at the point of sale I had told her to give me a call if she had ANY issues.

I went out of my way to reach out to the powers that be and had the issue resolved. The customer was so pleased that she referred me to many of her friends and family, generating additional business.

Keeping your word not only strengthens current relationships but also opens doors for new ones to be built.

All relationships stand on trust. These three tips will help you earn the trust and loyalty of your customers. And any leader in a Fortune 500 company will tell you, that’s priceless.

As Always… Ethics First!

— Ron Taylor
Student Programs and Development Specialist, NASBA Center for the Public Trust

Sky Inc Management Team Attends 2015 Kickoff Conference in Dallas



The Sky Inc Nashville management team just spent a long weekend in Dallas, Texas at an annual conference to kick off 2015.

The weekend was packed with learning, networking, and goal setting for the year.  In true Sky Inc style, we didn’t skip the fun, either. On the final evening we attended a Great Gatsby themed ball, which was a great time.


The trip was a big hit, and the management team is excited to bring the momentum back to Nashville.

We can’t wait for the next event!  Our next big conference will be this summer here in Nashville.

Jonathan Perry Wins Super Bowl Tickets

Sensing a trend here… didn’t our last post start with “Jonathan Perry Wins…”?  Oh, the perks of management!

Recently, one of our president’s mentors ran a contest, which Jonathan won with flying colors.  The result was an all-expenses-paid jam-packed trip to Phoenix, Arizona for Super Bowl weekend.  Jonathan and several colleagues stayed in a beautiful house in Phoenix that was rented for them for the long weekend.  They kicked off the trip on Friday at the Waste Management Open where they saw Tiger Woods play.  On Saturday, the crew attended the Maxim party where they saw Ludacris perform, and Jonathan met ESPN commentator, Kirk Herbstreit.  On Sunday, of course, they went to the Super Bowl!  They reportedly had an incredible time (which is not difficult at all to imagine…!)

Check out these fun pictures!


Jonathan Perry Wins Trip to Puerto Rico

20150110_122629It’s times like these when it’s great to have cool clients!  
For 20 weeks, Sky Inc’s client ran a nationwide contest to see which markets could produce the largest volume of high-quality sales.  Of course, Sky Inc Nashville dominated, representing the Middle Tennessee market, and President Jonathan Perry was awarded the trip.  Jonathan escaped for a luxurious long weekend (all expenses paid!) at El San Juan Resort and Casino, where he was able to celebrate the team’s win with other nationwide winners, and his new beautiful bride.